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Illustrator, VJ

June Barry aka BOYCOTT is a multimedia artist lighting up the party scene with her visuals for the likes of IGLOOFEST to the hottest underground parties and concerts with the MOONSHINE collective… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


3D Artist

Alexy Préfontaine aka AEFORIA is a rising star in the digital art world. His work is inspired by space, nature and his own emotional exploration which brings about a sensitive colour palette, surreal imagery and interesting character forms. He mainly works with music artists, but also creates content for different companies like Pantone, Opera and Fubiz.

David Barlow-Krelina

Visual Storyteller

David Barlow-Krelina is a visual storyteller specialized in animating realities where things don’t behave as they should. With a short film on the way in collaboration with the National Film Board (NFB) and experiments with real-time game engines, he’s onto something that will make your curiosity beg for more!

Julien Lassignardie

Motion Designer

Fresh from France, Julien Lassignardie is a motion designer having brought with him a refreshing exploration at the intersection of animation and technology… tell us more, Julien!


Mentoring Platform

Mentorly is the very first virtual one-stop shop for arts mentorship, created by filmmaker Katherine Macnaughton and professional dancer Ashley Werhun. They’ve created an invaluable ressource for artists everywhere, which provides real guidance by real people who can positively impact the evolution of your creative career. Ummm… where do we signup?!

Alex Boya


Alex Boya is a film director and medical expressionist at the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) who will showcase the unique world that drives his creative explorations.

Marc-Antoine Doyon


Marc Antoine Doyon is a videographer, embodying the one-stop-shop philosophy. From directing, to camera operation, editing and animation he’ll showcase the multidisciplinary skills that give him complete creative control in his projects.

Les Mêmes-Cacaïstes

Artist Collective

Les Mêmes-Cacaïstes is a contemporary art collective known for their absurd performances and group paintings. They push borders, test people’s boundaries and leave you questioning everything.

Catherine Potvin

Designer, Art Director

Catherine Potvin is a designer turned art director that brings bright eyed graphics and humour to life through illustration, set design and motion design. Oh, did we mention her sense of humour? Yah, it’s on point!


Design Agency

WEDGE is a design agency spearheaded by co-founder Justin Lortie. They focus on global brand experiences from identity, to objects and packaging design, to complete ad campaigns. They define their clients as progressive thinkers who value high-quality and seek to make a mark!

Tim Rice

3D Artist

Tim Rice is a motion designer with a focus on 3D animation. He hails from the promised land of California, collaborates with major studios like Moment Factory and in-between renders he moonlights as a breakdancer! Brrrrap!!

Our annual OPEN MIC and season finale! In this episode catch an amazing lineup of 11 artists from various backgrounds give you a glimpse into their creative worlds.

This months installation by
VR game experience by Trebuchet

Music and visual performance
Boskorgï and Manuel Galarneau

Insane drum performance
Simon Gauthier

Marc-Antoine Doyon, Jean-Benoît Duval

Sébastien Camden



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